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Dave glad to see you back on your feet. Sounds like you have had your hands full (major understatement) from EVERY direction of life this week ... the 5 of pentacles was certainly visible from what you shared. Glad to see you rose to the occassion (King of Wands) and have now gotten things back on track and are ready to keep going despite how things might have changed or been influenced (10 of Cups).

I admire easy going, I strive to be easy going, but that Leo moon of mine gets all intertwines with those fishies (Pisces sun) and well you know the rest .... never mind that there is NO AIR in my birthchart *LOL*.

Since we are talking themes and dignities in this Step, and the elements are a part of it, I thought it was very interesting that the King of Wands (fire)was what would move you forward when it is "unfriendly" with you 5 of pentacles (earth), and ends up giving you an outcome of water (10 of cups) which is completly antagonistic to the fire element of your solution card. Do you have any thoughts on this???

This may be totally not worth even looking at or discussing but thought it might be thought proviking and takes us a little more into the Step ... I love elemental correspondeces you see ....
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