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Hi, all! Time for Step 14--Dignities and Theme

Cards from Step 12: Princess of Swords; 4 Wands; Tower

Similarities in all three: Show girls; outdoors

Similarities of Princess of Swords and Tower: Girls hold swords and are wearing armor; they have serious expressions; lightning; cold (Princess has ice-encased sword, Tower has snow)

Differences: court, pip, major!; 3 different seasons; predominant colors are blue, pink, yellow; Princess has ice and Tower has fire; Princess only one with an animal

The serious, "pointy" cards are one either side of the smiling, "swirly" card. (Even though the 4 wands are kind of pointy, too!) This suggests that there is a lot of "stuff," possibly difficult stuff, to do and deal with before I can resolve the issue (the position for 4 Wands in the Step 12 spread.)

All are masculine elements--4 Wands and Tower are fire; Princess of Swords is air. This could mean that this is not an issue of sitting back and waiting for something to show itself. Instead I need to take action and initiative. (Oh, wow. When I wrote this up in my notebook, I didn't even think of Princess = earth. So, one feminine element, but no water at all.) This would mean that not only does action need to be taken, it needs to be taken in concrete fashion. In other words, don't decide or make a resolution, instead buy or sell something or walk to the place I need to go! And not in an emotional way!

The only thing I could come up with is 4 (Wands) squared is 16 (Tower). I don't know what that would mean, though.

The cards are very appropriate for their positions.
The position for Princess of Swords is "what I bring to the issue," but I usually just call it "me in relation to this issue," so a court/person card is very comfortable here. It basically means, "I'm acting like a total Princess of Swords here!"
The position for the Tower is "advice," very appropriate for a major. This is advice from a higher, spiritual plane, so I better listen to it!

Astrology (Golden Dawn-style!):
Princess of Swords - Winter (Aquarius)
4 Wands - Venus in Aries
Tower - Mars
I have formerly described myself as the village idiot of astrology. I'm trying to learn, really, but . . .
The only thing I can see is that the advice of Mars follows easily on from the Aries issue. And that the Venus carries out the (symbolic, visual) feminine theme of the 4 Wands.

Originally, I was struck with the predominance of masculinity in this step as opposed to the femininity of the previous step, but as I have written this up today, I have found the hiding feminine--PRINCESS and Venus, and the fact that all the main characters are girls! So maybe it's more balanced than I thought.

This was my kind of step--very analytical and not too self-reflective. But I'm trying to learn that, too! And I am, with your help. Thanks!
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