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TotOP - XX - Karma

Astrological Influence - Pluto
Element - Water
Month - November
Contributor - Patricia Crowther
Flowers - Snowdrop - hope

In the Tarot of the Old Path, the card traditionally called Judgement has been renamed Karma. I do not totally agree with this new name, as the idea of "karma" as Wiccans and Pagans apply it, is not the same as karma in Vedic faiths. Close, but not the same. However, the new name is a little softer, and has less associations to Christianity (which, sadly, is always important in Pagan works) then the name of Judgement.

The Wiccan/Pagan idea of karma, in general, is that all actions in this life affect you either now, or in your life to come. It depends on what you believe. Some Wiccans believe in reincarnation, but still believe you get your karma in this life, others believe you get it in your next life. Some Wiccans don't believe in reincarnation, or karma, or one, or the other, or both. It's pretty confusing, and nearly impossible to say that "all Wiccans" believe something. They don't.

This is a pretty busy card. I think I will start from the bottom and work my way to the top. On the bottom left a knight lays on the ground, obviously dead from the wound in his chest. From his body comes his soul, heading down a tunnel. Another spirit stands at the end of the tunnel, welcoming the knight's soul. On the lower right is a womb with an unborn child. A female soul is reaching down to touch the child, and it appears that this is the body she will be reincarnated in. Between the knight and the womb grows a snowdrop, symbolising hope.

A little further up the card we see the realm of the souls. It appears very water-like. The central figure is called the Guardian by the TotOP book, and it holds scales to symbolise good and bad karma that was earned in one's last incarnation. There is a spirit before him awaiting a ruling. Nearby are a female and male soul in an embrace. To me it looks like two souls reuniting after death, something that I'm sure many of us hope for. On the other side of the Guardian is a figure who appears to be moving out of this middle realm and closer to the God and Goddess. Perhaps this figure has finished their incarnations and is moving on.

At the very top of the card is a glowing light (probably the Moon), shining down on all the souls. To the right is the face of the Horned God with the Sun behind Him. On soul is floating over to commune with Him. On the left is the face of the Goddess, wearing Her crescent crown. Another soul has floated over to commune with Her.

Hidden in the Guardian's robe, near the feet of the knight, is the symbol for water.
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