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Smile TotOP -XX- Karma.

Hi There!.
I'm new to the group, and my name is Mad Muttley.
I'm so glad to have found this group, and am gonna jump right in here with XX Karma.

This is yet another Old Path major that has A LOT going on in it, and there appear several levels of meaning contained within the one image.

The Lower part of the card to me, is the mortal phase, and shows our ‘mortality’.
Death (slain knight) and Birth (child in a womb) lay aside each other, a reminder that just as everything is born, so to must everything die.
A figure (soul?) rises from the knight reaching upwards to another level, whilst a woman (spirit) reaches down to the child in the womb. So one is leaving the mortal realm, and one is returning to it.
This middle part of the picture is full of ghost-like figures
(realm of the dead?) apparently in various stages after death; one is helping another make the journey up to this realm, whilst others are re-uniting. As another returns, another ascends to the upper realm – shown as stars (universe), the source –God and Goddess respectively.
For me, the top part of the card says ‘Union with the Divine’.
Returning to the source.

I notice three rays of what I think is moonlight, and three levels within the image (not sure what that means).
The central figure reminds me strongly of the Death Card from this deck, kinda spooky!. I think maybe he is the representation of ‘karma’- that which is a result of our actions, and which stays with us from one life/realm to the next.

He makes me think about my actions, and that every action has consequences.When we begin something we cannot always tell how it's gonna develop, but we are responsible for it none the less.
So I guess Karma makes me consider my past actions and how they have led me to where I am now, and the fact that we take this 'baggage' with us as we transition from one phase of existence to another.

(Having to giggle nervously here as this is a 'heavy' subject! lol!)

Pluto is associated with XX Karma, as is the element Water, which here is well reflected in the fluid like image.
Pluto is a planet that rips away that which has become outworn, in order to make way for new growth. It can do so in a destructive way, which can also be as liberating as it is necessary.
It also rules the eight house, governing transformation, death and re-birth – aspects which can be seen in this card!.
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