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I like this card very much! The pink lotus flower over the heart (chakra) made me think about being lead/guided by your heart (follow your heart). Using your heart's desires as the guide for what direction to go in your life
The woman with her wolf mane made me think of her as alpha of the pack (do wolves have a matriarchal heirarchy?)
I like to think of the Chariot as having control over yourself/ your life and the direction you move in, exerting your will to move in the direction you want. This woman is in control of the pack, her animal side/nature. She has harnessed (sp?) this part of herself, and can use it to power herself forward.

I'm interested in why one of the 4 wolves is black, it's not very balanced...triumph of the light over the dark??

I still have lots to think about with this card!
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