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Step Fifteen~Vampyres Tarot~The Empress

Dialogue with the Empress:
-What are you waiting for?
E: Maybe you were the one I was waiting for?
-Oh..That is a scary thought. You are a Vampyre after all.
E: (laughs) Yes, thats true. But I have just eaten and so I am not hungry. I think you are safe today.
-Can I ask a few more questions? I think you are listening to something? What is it that you hear?
E: Many things. I just heard my wolves howl in distance and call me. But I have to go to a Masquerade ball with the Emperor tonight so I will not be able to join them.
-Is there anything youd like to tell me or to teach me?
E: You have already seen what a deep deck this one is. Use it as a mirror of your soul. There are 77 other cards besides me and I suggest you make plans to study us all in depth. Maybe not through all these 21 steps -Im the only one worth that much trouble- but still..You should think about it.

Dialogue with the Bee:
-What are you doing?
B: I came to taste the apple but its still too raw for me so now Im just sitting here and thinking.
-What are you thinking about?
B: About whether I should stay in the sun here or just fly home.
-Oh, I see.. Should I be afraid of you? Do you sting?
B. No, not really. Just stay where you are and we are fine.
-Do you know the Empress?
B: Yes I do. She likes honey and so we often give some to her.
-Oh, I thought she only eats blood?
B: Well, I guess she mainly does. I wouldnt know about that, though. I just know she accepts our gift of honey with pleasure.
-Anything youd like me to know?
B: Hmm, I suggest you try to eat less sugar, dear. It is not good for you. Honey is really meant for bee larvae and maybe a little bit for the Empress but not really so much for you. (Flies away.)

Dialogue with the Emerald heart:
-You are so beautiful! I just cant take my eyes off you.
E: Hmm, yes, I know. I have heard that so many time before..Yawn..
-Are you very old?
E: Yes, I think so. Im forgetting about age, though, since it matters very little to me.
-Do you belong to the Empress?
E: Oh no. I rather like to think she belongs to me and she takes me places. Its fun except when I get all that blood dripping on me. I get all sticky and I dont like that. Besides the color of blood suits rubies better, I think. It will just turn grey on me.
-Is there anything youd like to teach me?
E: Im a crystal of Spring and Love, but also of Prophesy. You used to pull daily tarot cards and make notes of them and I suggest you re-start that practice. How about starting tomorrow?
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