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When I read about this card in the book, I was a bit overwhelmed. I have only been studying tarot for about a year actively, and have yet to learn and understand numerology, which is a big part of the explanation to this card. The book is, in my opinion, very good for understanding Marie's thoughts about this specific card.

She mentions how the Chariot is, according to Plato, a metaphor for the soul, divided in three parts. The black horse, or in this case wolf, is ill-bred, ill-tempered and hard to control, i.e. the darker parts of our souls. The white horse, or wolf, is beautiful, well-bred and civilized, i.e. the lighter parts of our souls. And the Charioteer, which Plato called Reason, who makes the horses work together and will, if skilled, make you travel far enough to get a glimpse of the gods.
She also says that this card was inspired by the myth about Odin and his wolves Geri and Freki and ravens Huginn (means thought) and Muninn (means memory), but she doesn't explain that further. To be honest, I'm not sure I can see that, except for the obvious wolves. This would make way more sense to me if there were two wolves and two ravens. With four wolves we don't keep the previously mentioned balance between light and dark either, as we now have one dark wolf and three bright ones. Marie explains them as the four wheels or the four directions. But I don't know, it does seem a bit unbalanced.

Just like the Chariot in its whole, the Charioteer is divided in three - dark from waist down, bright and sun-like hair, and the flesh, the middle part, that binds the darkness and the light together. Perhaps.

The wolves and ravens appear again in the 7s of the minors of this deck. 7 of Cups pictures the black wolf, and 7 of Wands pictures a white one. Huginn (I guess, she doesn't mention his name there) is pictured on 7 of Swords and Muninn appears on 7 of Disks.

I usually have a hard time relating to The Chariot as a card. I always get stuck on the arrogance of the card and can't move beyond that to see something else. I like this card way better than the other Chariots I've seen. It seems a bit more humble and balanced rather than just the usual straight-forwardness and victory stuff. Yeah, I like balance, can you tell?

This might be old news to all of you, though. Please do keep in mind that I am still a beginner. ^^
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