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Originally Posted by mooncat2
No, it's not, although I've no doubt reading your experiences influenced me towards trying it. Unfortunately, the result has been a little frightening while at the same time I stand in awe of Tarot's power and should perhaps be giving thanks for it's warning. At this moment I'm not sure whether I want to continue working with Legends.
Sorry Carol, I was just trying to be funny, I didn't mean anything by it. We each need to approach these tools in our own way. I may find it effective to dream about them, but it doesn't mean that its appropriate for everyone else, and I hope I don't come across that way.

Personally, although I'm OK dreaming about them, I was a bit disturbed when I did my first reading with Majors Only a few days ago. I think it will be OK after I come through some further processess, but I'm not going to read again with them for a while. Must go to work now...
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