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From just sitting and staring at this card and your posts, I really feel Lancelot's pain.
I'm getting the idea of someone who is upset, so over works themselves to avoid feeling that upset, till in the end their boss tells them to just leave. Now has to face up to his feelings, his responsibilites and expectations of himself. He feels such deep heart break that his Queen has abandoned him, I dont think he thought she would ever let him go. He feels betrayed that Guenevere doesn't believe he has been tricked. In times like these you feel the only person you can trust is yourself, that you only need you to survive, and thats what Lancelot learns here- what it is to be alone.
Upset at God, for giving him a life and a love he can not fully be truthful about, he rejects the gifts that God has given him ( I mention God because Lancelot was a Christian, so this is his POV). He rejects his place, his useful tasks of chivalry and his loyalty and oaths to the King and the land. He runs off in a temper, and slowly comes to a series of self realisations that he can't be angry at God, that rather than follow up on this destructive love, he is worthy of something better, and when Elaine comes along maybe he sees this as his opportunity. However,on that ledge in the 5 of Cups he realises that he is not in the place God gave him, that although he realises the truth, he has to prove his strength of will to God, to fulfill his deeds and learn to love silently from afar, otherwise he'd drive poor Elaine mad, with jealousy and resentment, which just isnt the place for a child to grow up in - maybe there was some wisdom from the Hermit in his decision after all.

The well seems important, for water is tied to our true emotions, but it also cleanses us, lets us forgive ourselves. I can see Lancelot, on his own now, crying, howling with the pain of all that thats happened, but in realising what hes done he can fix himself. No room to pretense anymore in the woods, survival and deep realisation comes from it. The water isnt present though, showing purification of sin and starting a fresh is far away yet, theres work to be done.

The hermit has a spiritual feeling to it as well, and my first impression from the card was of a painting my (catholic) school teacher would tell me. If someone knows the name or artist of it let me know.
Jesus is standing there, with a lit candle in one hand, his other knocking on a door. He can't open the door, for it is locked and there is no handle on his side. The locks and the handle is only on the other side, your side. Jesus is knocking on your door, the door to your heart, to your soul, polietely knocking, asking to come in. Could Lancelot be knocking on his door, asking himself if he really wants to take this journey into the Shadows of his heart? His could be his own Holy Grail.

This post took a while to collect my thoughts on this crazy character. And I'm sorry Lancelot for giving you a bashing lol.

Glad your still with us Carol,

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