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Originally Posted by Frater Benedict View Post
Is this the part of the Forum, where discussion about astrological decans in relation to tarot pip cards may take place? The kabbalah sub-forum is not suitable for it, since kabbalah is not astrology, and the subject does not fit the marseilles sub-forum, since the view connecting pips and decans to each other is not known before 1870, and thus a much more recent idea than the Marseilles decks. Nor would the history sub forum be suitable, since an idea from the 1870's has nothing to do with the origin and earliest development of tarot.
As the Decans have been round in one form or another in Astrology for over 2,000 years it's not going to shed much light on the origin of the Decans, but as I take History as everything up until a minute ago, I don't see why you can't try the thread here

I'm not sure what response you will get, but it seems something that should be catered for on the site somewhere. The only other place I can think of off the top of my head would be Talking Tarot, which would give you a wider audience.

So post away and let's see what you get
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