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May just be me but does anyone get a bit of déjà vu with the the title "The Good Tarot" ? Gives me a DV vibe similar to her description of her angel tarot being "gentle". Awaiting "No bad cards used here!" etc...

"A crucial difference from traditional decks is that the cards’ messages are all written as affirmations in the present tense, rather than forecasts, instructions, or warnings. Instead of being told what to do, those who use the cards can integrate their energy immediately and personally." Oh boy...

I don't mean to be critical but it's hard to wash the bad taste I get when I see oracle deck creators that focus on love and light move to the world of tarot and try to take their unbalanced philosophies with them. I'm all for love and light, I have plenty of both DV and Colette's decks, but tarot has structure and crucial cards that don't need to be sugar coated with positive affirmations.

I'll wait to see more of the artwork and those affirmations before I decide to purchase
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