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Originally Posted by reall View Post
yeah, idea was to make it affordable to anyone who like it!^^ lolz )
and it's all possible thanks to Gamecrafter!^^ you got to admire seeing how hard they work to offer all possible little things selfpublished game/deck designer can think of!^^
and their international shipping get around 10$ recently so definitely my fav POD, thinking about ditching everyone else,, (yep,I'm looking at you china POD that get ridiculously expensive when they got a hint most of their sales are tarot/lenormand deck creators!;///

lolz Etsy ROCKS!XD got to luv america for all chances it gives!^^ lolz )
I don't know Gamecrafter. I will have to look that up. It sounds like you have had a great experience there. Now I have to figure out what it is. lol

I have had an Etsy account so that I could support actual people since before I even joined AT. I have bought a lot of things on there that probably wouldn't have been sold anywhere else. I love that you have choices as your deck should be available everywhere!

I love that Etsy lets regular artists post their creations there and they are made and help real people. I've had positive experiences there. I have used this same lady to buy all of my tarot bags from. I think she has moved on to costumes and other things, but I appreciated the gorgeous bags she made.

Now I am finding that pretty waterproof Make Up Bags are working perfectly for them! I will have to find someone to make lenormand bags for me though. I like having them have their own little comfy homes. lol

Hugs to you! I think you are doing great!
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