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Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
Oh Elaine!!!! Good Grief, hon! i had nooo idea this happened...
In December i was in la la land---so many new things were happening on this end.
Where were you when the uhaul caught fire? No one got hurt, i hope? Gawdess...
my heart is pounding just picturing it...(((Elaine))) i am so glad you are okay!!!
no we actually were on fire for 3 miles before we knew it - I was driving my daughter from Tulsa to Oregon....made it to Colorado. It caught the fields behind us on fire for 3 miles - and there was road construction & it was only 1 lane, so no one could even pass me or tell me I was on fire. Then, when we pulled over, and the cops & fire trucks showed up, all the cars behind us were trapped with the fields next to them on fire. A big oil tanker basically was like "fk this" & busted through right past my car when it was flaming on. We got out & saw the back was on fire and the whole thing engulfed before we could even react - we didn't have our shoes on, or jackets (December), and we didn't have our purses - no money, no credit cards, in the middle of nowhere. It was REALLY traumatic. But even though there was nothing left of the insides of the car - the steering wheel was GONE, seats, GONE, just a hull - but my cards were there, scattered around....that brick looking thing was a waterproof was kind of surreal....devil card right there on, how is it even possible that everything else burned but my paper cards are still there? We were in a state of shock at the time we took these pix.

But oh, the reason for bringing this up was - I thought I was being brilliant taking both my computer AND my back-up with me, in case I dropped my computer or it got stolen or something. I never dreamed I would lose them BOTH. I've since learned about the cloud etc.
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