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Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
Elaine, i think i am a bit shell shocked from YOUR experience!!!

Sweetheart, i am so grateful that you and your daughter survived to tell the tale...

Which daughter was it? Natalie? xox

Big warm grateful hugs,
MoonGypsy xxoxox
No, wasn't Natalie, the younger one. She's now settled & in school in Oregon. Everything seems to be smooth sailing right now. For a while there we were walking on eggshells waiting for the next shoe to drop! But you know me, I always find a way to rebound triumphantly hahaha!

I've been getting a lot of photo entries from people (if you send me a photo of you with something you purchased from me in the past I'll add an entry for you for a free 2017 Samhain Deck of the Bastard aka The Dearly Departed Bastard) - some are really good, others quickly shot with a cell phone - doesn't matter, they're entries either way. I really like seeing photos of people with decks they've bought from me. For me, it's like, wow I made that thing that's part of that person's life now. Makes me happy!!!
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