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I'm on facebook so if it comes to it I'll be content with a group over there. I don't feel like fb is the best place for something like Aeclectic as a whole though. What I really love about this site is that it's so organized and everything has its place A group for something like Deck of the Week could work though.

I'm also on the cartomancy forum as Page of Ghosts. It is a lot of playing cards yes, but maybe with a larger userbase they might feel like making some more categories so the playing card people still have their place and won't have to wade through dozens of tarot-specific posts, if it came to that. But we'll have to see... it will probably take some time for things to settle down there and then it is probably some work to set up sub-forums and move things around. I guess if it becomes necessary it might happen. I'd not feel comfortable coming from old and esteemed AT and start demanding things right away from a small cartomancy forum. So for me, I'll wait and see how things develop there. It does seem friendly and a lot of us are already there so there is some comfort in that

At least there is still a bit of time for all the options to form. But I gotta say I do feel sorry for those who've been here for years and years and now have to go through and save everthing they've collected as resources from the forum
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