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Originally Posted by DaughterOfDanu View Post
I have one or two forums I'm leaning towards but my plan is to hold back and wait on fully immersing myself into a forum until a few weeks after AT's closing. I feel most of the forums created will see a surge in activity but quickly will go inactive as members gravitate to one main forum. Regardless I'll be participating in the DotW thread in whatever forum we ultimately decide But for my main tarot-socializing I'll want to be where most the activity is long term.
I agree with you Daughter of Danu. I am surprised at the number of new forums sprouting everywhere, and many are very nice and welcoming and seem to be perfect.... but I doubt that they can all thrive at the same time in the long run. In any case, many seem great, and I will be happy to join wichever becomes the home for DOWT.
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