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Hi Euripedes,

Thanks for commenting in this thread - it's always good to hear an opposite viewpoint! Sol Invictus: The God Tarot is a deck aimed at those who wish to explore the Divine Masculine within world mythology and themselves. If the user of this deck doesn't have that desire, then the deck is not for them - simple as that. In the same way there are decks out there exploring the Divine Feminine, which many people don't connect with simply because there are no men/males/masculine images in it. Again, that's fair enough - some people need to explore one side of the coin whilst others need to explore the other side. The God Tarot would be pointless and useless to those who do not feel a need to explore the Masculine aspects of the Divine, and I wouldn't want to try to 'convert' people to it at all.

However, there are a few points that need answering...

The God Tarot is not trying to go for a complete absence of gender. Rather, it is trying to challenge the (what we consider to be old fashioned) view that only female figures (be they Goddesses or humans) can be nurturing and creative, whilst only male figures (be they Gods or humans) can be assertive, logical, and aggressive. We are doing this by showing that in world mythology, the attributes we traditionally consider to be 'feminine' (such as those exemplified by III The Empress and II The High Priestess) can be found expressed in the stories of men and Gods as well. Via this, we hope to show that these attributes, characteristics and archetypes found in the Tarot and throughout the language of neo-Paganism and the occult are not intrinsically linked to gender: just as Queer Theory and other social theory posits that just because one has a vagina doesn't make one automatically sympathetic; or that just because one has a penis doesn't make one automatically aggressive.

The deck DOES have an Empress, but we felt the title was out-of-context for the deck, as is true of the High Priestess (which has become Inner Wisdom) and the Nurturers: calling four Gods 'queens' would more likely send readers into giggles that convey the card meanings!

This deck is also not tied to sexuality and in particular homosexuality. So please don't feel that disliking the deck makes people think you're homophobic! We feel that anybody of any gender and sexual preference can use this deck if they so wish (e.g. if they want to explore the Divine Masculine.) It isn't founded on the basis of exclusion of the Feminine at all either: we felt that there are enough decks out there that explore that side of things brilliantly, but now it's time for the other half of the story. Women appear in some of the cards (particularly in the IV The Lovers - Isis and Osiris) but, as with the Goddess decks out there that don't tell the Gods' story, this deck isn't telling the Goddess' story, and so they do not feature prominently.

Thanks all for your comments!


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