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divine masculine

Thanks, Klama, for clarifying those points. I think you've expressed your aims well. Thanks also for appreciating my viewpoint, rather than just rejecting it. A pleasure to discuss issues with open minds.

I can see the value in exploring the Divine Masculine. I wonder if perhaps the title of the deck, or a subtitle, should reflect that more? But then again, I guess I should be accustomed to the Judaeo-Christian Masculine God, which is always HIM (despite their arguments to the contrary, they think of their god as Male in every way), excluding the female... in some ways this actually serves to highlight the very exlusive nature of that tradition. I don't mean this negatively: I mean, you've consciously set out to explore how these traditionally 'female' qualities are expressed in masculine form. (I know you've said more than that, but to get the main point...) - while the church that I know has that as part and parcel of its doctrine, with no thought to those that it excludes - particularly in the protestant church, who have done away with Mary and the saints, who were something of a Catholic Pantheon.

In a sense the Goddess tarot is a companion deck to yours. Actually, that isn't a deck that appeals much to me either, despite its beautiful art. Perhaps I could use them for some issues, where the reading or meditation is strongly focussed on masculinity or femininity. Mixed feelings I guess.. I was just looking at Lee Burnstein(?)'s Gay Tarot, which is lovely, very positive, but again the absence of mothers... just as a strongly female deck might have no fathers, no sons... I can see the need for really positive models, but I do feel it could throw an awkward skew on some readings. You'd have to use it for particular issues.

There's the possibility, in other decks, of mixing up the stereotypes. But then there's the risk of tokenism. As a writer, I often ask myself am I going 'against type' for the sake of it, or is it a real character quirk? It can be difficult to differentiate between stereotype and archetype. The Gaian tarot is looking very promising in this respect.

I do like your solution of calling the Queens 'Nurturers'. Though I'm not sure this is a quality I'd apply to the Queen of Swords. She's the type that would hire a nanny! But perhaps nurturing the life of the mind.

best of luck with your endeavors!

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