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Originally Posted by Always Wondering View Post
Are all of these places a bring your own moderator situation? My biggest concern, if we can't talk Zeph into staying on, is that the moderator understand the issues that the Thoth tarot might bring, including the occult and Crowley himself. This will highly influence my vote.
This is a fair and salient point. Between them, Greg and Zeph brought astonishing order and civility to a fraught subject and those of us who remember what it was like before that....we know we don't want to go back there. It doesn't serve anyone.

I reiterate my willingness to act as mod in a new place. I hope the group chooses wisely. I can't see this group flourishing in an environment of overt new-agey-ness or cutesy phrasing.

ETA: my offer to mod isn't out of a desire for glory or even thanks - just necessity. There are probably a dozen people who'd be better than me and I'll rejoice if any of them wants the position.
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