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Well, I can safely say that one thing they don't tell you about being a mod is how fun it is. Sure, there are days when it's a chore, and there are all kinds of unpleasant situations the can crop up here and again, but all in all it's really enjoyable, especially if you're in it for ideological reasons like I was, or how thorhammer seems to be. I was very jealous and protective of my realm, treating it as my little kingdom (although not in a dictatorial way). I think that's an important quality for a mod, to believe in what you're doing and that it has merit. But if you're in a good community, you really get into the thick of things and see how it all works behind the scenes, and it's fascinating.

But as far as practical work goes, Thoth was practically non-existent, so much so that I ended asking for more to do, taking on one of the busiest forums on AT, Talking Tarot, plus Spirituality, Divination, RWS and Marseilles. But even if you don't want to do that or don't have much time, we're talking about a few minutes a day to read new posts (which you probably do anyway). In Thoth this would translate to about one active thread at any given time, so a moderator's main job would be to be there when needed, which isn't often. The job is more to keep the "spirit" of the forum far more than anything practical. That's important, of course, but it doesn't take a lot of time to do.

And should things go in the direction they seem to be heading, I will give you, thorhammer (or anyone else) a full explanation of what is to be done, little tips that will make life easier, etc. In fact, I even recommend that the new guidelines of the new forum be those of this forum, which Grigori wrote, and that I then copied, made slight adjustments and shamelessly signed my name on. I suggest this not because of ego, because I didn't write them, but because they work, especially the paragraph that says

Being a controversial man, Crowley frequently attracts debate and criticism. This section of AT is intended to be a place for interested people to further study his work or explore using the many approaches to working with the Thoth deck. Debating the merits of his deck or magick does not belong in this forum, as it tends to derail efforts to actually study the material. Which after all is what this forum exists for. Debating the validity of a magical approach to tarot or similar discussions, are better suited to the general sections of AT, such as the Talking Tarot section.
which basically says that discussion is about the subject matter, and that if anyone wants to talk about whether or not Crowley was a Satanist, evil or just full of crap, Talking Tarot is the place for it, not here. Of course, a new moderator in a new forum might have their work cut out for them, setting down new rules and boundaries to a new set of people who aren't used to AT's ways and customs.
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