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Hmm... Had to think - as I wanted my allowance of 5 as well as being favourites/most useful - to suitably double up as markers for the 4 quarter points of a magick circle (so they'd also have to correspond in some way to the four elements).

1) My round pocket Obsidian mirror. For Earth.
I'm rubbish at scrying - but this is the most handy traveling scrying stone I have.
And I love the idea of a magick mirror.
Just begun experimenting with contemplating it - then placing it under my pillow.

Grounds into one's "Earths origins" and the soul's origins on other planets apparently.

Snowhunter - you made me LOL with your comments on yours.

2) My Blue Gold Stone mala. For Air.
It's a man-made stone that I love (and I chose the beads and strung it myself).
It represents Nuit to me - Egyptian Night Sky Deity (Lady that holds back Chaos from the Earth. Dark blue stone with shiny sparkles in it - see?. Like the night sky) and following on from that, reminds me of - my Patron Deity Nun/Naunet, the Primordial waters of chaos.
Linked to my spiritual practice of meditation (I use a bracelet sized one most often) - this stone automatically corresponds to all things spiritual and Deity-like for me.
Hence also airy.

Metaphysics: ?
It's Pyrite, Copper and Hematite in glass...

3) Palm sized piece of Carnelian. For Fire.
Just because I love the colour and pattern of the Carnelian that I have.
It's warming to look at. (and I'm a "always feeling the cold" person).

Carnelian raises mood and creativity, and it's a good "women's problems" stone.

4) Palm sized piece of Tiger Iron. For Water (my piece is set in wiggly lines - that's how I see it as water . Tiger Iron is Tiger's Eye and Hematite mixed together).
This crystal - for mysterious reasons, is wildly pleasing to my eye. Mostly in the last 3 years... Anytime I'm looking at crystals - I end up staring at this.

Reduces stress and sensitivity, shields from taking on other's emotion and protects in danger.

5) Pocket stick of Black Tourmaline - my default for extra protection when feeling vulnerable. Somehow helps me more easily visualise a mirror shield aura.

Protects the aura, acts as a protective shield, transmutes heavy thoughtforms and energy from self and others. Releases fear, brings sense of safety. Enhances ability to stay in the body.
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