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Something comes alive again

I havn't spent much time with my faeries in the last week or so for one reason or another but tonight, something feels different - like getting a phonecall from a long lost friend or searching through an attic of boxes and finding an old and tattered love letter. Something comes alive again.

I have not randomly picked a faery this eveing. I responded briefly to the thread on 'Taitin the Sylth' but in looking through this thread, was compelled to pull out G. Hobyah and spend some time with him again. He is now, alongside Taitin, staring at me from beneath my computer screen as I type.

I have had a few things on my mind recently; on top of that, at home this evening, things were a little frault and there were arguments. My mum was upset and went to bed early, my Dad was upset because he was worried about my mother and I was upset because I couldn't cope with another night like this. Don't get me wrong, my family is a good one; it is just sometimes that people have their moments, and in our situation, some people are unable to listen when they get into a state and all of our ties together become sethered. Unfortunately, there is a consistancy in it here.

I was hoping that my interaction with Taitin would bring the light that I needed to me, as I type here past midnight, but it is G.Hobyah that seems to be taking me within his grasp and helping me. He understands the pricklyness between people that are close and how we can hurt each other. He shows the madness of the moment. I can not see evil in his eyes anymore - just hurt and experience. That 'third eye' bump above his eyes is something that I want to touch and massage away, rather than fear. His stance is no longer threatening but vulnerable. His wings and tattered mane look fragile and full of years and years of experience; years and years of either pain or torture. If this is true, wouldn't we all have a stance like that or put up a protective front? Is he suggesting he will make an attack through fear that he will be attacked first.

I have now read the ideas and thoughts suggested through the book but I trust my own intuition more at the moment because people (and indeed, faeries), do not always stay the same.

I will spend more time with this faery because there are other feelings that I get with relevance to one member of my family. I am only getting a glimpse of it at the moment and will probably need to meditate or sleep on it to get a better picture. Maybe an interaction with a 'partner' tomorrow may shed a little more light and help me understand things that are happening for me and other people that I love.

Best wishes to you all

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