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my Faery Godmother

The Faery Godmother jumped out for me when I did a new deck reading with the deck a few days back. Immediately, I felt She was the deck's Significator, just as the Moon card is the Significator to my Uni. Waite deck.

I set Her aside and did a lovely informative reading, then shuffled and put them away fro the night. The next day as I picked up the cards and shuffled, one flew out immediately, and before she landed I knew it was the Faery Godmother again -- and it WAS -- fluttering about to remind me of Her presence in my life.

This spoke to me that the Spirit of the Fae deck is yet another face of She that speaks through my Waite deck as well.

These cards and this deck are other aspects (Faeire lookin ones) of that same Spirit who stands behind me when I read. It is with Her that I commune, and the Faery Godmother is just another one of Her many faces in my life.

But what a welcome new way to connect to Her!
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