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Originally Posted by nicki
Step 3 Thoth Tarot The Lovers - Emotions


Step 3.3 ~ The first personal situation which I thought of was when I was out with a friend watching the six nations rugby in a local pub and a guy caught her eye, he was wearing a Welsh rugby top and she is a staunch England fan and she refused to go and speak to him. So half time I went to the bar to buy a drink and just happened to accidentally on purpose walk past him and commented on his shirt, so we got chatting about the game and eventually he came to sit with us and to cut a long story short they got married just over 2 years ago on the day Wales and England played their six nations match and yes it was the day Wales triumphed and went onto win the grand slam. The things us cupids have to do!!!!
Wow, this is great Nicki!
Seems that you were the "wizard"(the Hermit) in this scenero...bringing two elements that appear to oppose each other, together.
What a blessing you provided that day!!
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