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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
Isn't it amazing what these cards lead us into. Mary Greer wrote a book called Tarot Mirrors -- and that is so apt. The cards are mirrors that can reflect life if we use them well. It would seem that you are making a lot of connections in these threads. I won't comment on your experiences except to note that they are a fascinating story in themselves and I'm sure the others a learning a lot from your story as I am. Keep up the good work. Dave
Thanks for the encouragement Dave. I don't have too much trouble just bearing my soul here on aeclectic. We all are essentially wonderful accepting people. And I don't know why - maybe because it would be difficult to do these exercises in the correct manner but then not post it all for you to read - but this stuff just comes out when I do the steps. Jewel and coyoteblack both know I'm not much of a studier. I don't usually do "bookwork" like this. But I'm really enjoying and learning alot from these 21 steps. It's been very interesting and enlightening.
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