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Nicki, emotions are the fuel of life. For many of us, for most of the time, the emotional content of our lives enhances our experiences. I've learned to stand aside in most cases and just "watch" the emotional flow through me and through others. Emotions have a cycle, intense and spontaneous at first, then more tinged with a logical overtone when they can be steered or shaped to best fit the situation, then ending with a prolonged phase where what one is feeling seems to ebb and flow as it eases back toward a normal level.

No matter how much we think we understand emotional forces, we all spend our lives constructing fences of one kind or another -- while on the other hand we try to purposely let ourselves be vulnerable or place ourselves into situations where we will experience hurt of some kind. As an example, I had a small dog quite a few years ago who had to be put to sleep due to age and illness. That day was really tough, and those emotions can still arise even today as I write this. Yet, we now have another young puppy now. The joy we get from the many ways of interacting with life always outweighs the pain of loss.

You are dealing with these issues now as part of your Tarot studies. Tarot is a representation of life. We are learning to use the cards as mirrors of all that we experience. As mirrors, the cards become tools due to the fact that they reflect images in ways we don't anticipate, forcing us to open up to new thoughts, new considerations, new awareness, new paths.

We have each passed through these steps here in our discoveries among the cards and will continue. You are part of this tenuous bond that we all share and you can feel free to draw upon that spirit of sharing that we have all created. Thank you so much for sharing your path with us. This is how we all progress and grow. Dave
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