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Originally Posted by FadeToWhite
So I'll start. :]

I get stuck on Fives. Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles - it seems like in each suit, it's a part of the cycle that I just don't get. What's your take on these cards?
Fives are the point where you might want to stop and think first before acting because the energy is unstable and conflicted. 5 Wands could be competition with others for recognition; 5 Cups is stopping to lick one's wounds, to review; 5 SW is when one quits, bails out, to cut one's losses; 5 P is when one has little choice but to stop and recognize the situation cannot be handled without help, that the situation is bigger than what they can handle on their own.
My blank spot happens to be Judgment - I can never apply it to any reading because I have not formulated a personal meaning for this card in any respect...
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