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Golden Tarot -- Ace of Swords

A severe looking angel stands facing us and taking up most of the card. We see him from about the waist up. He's wearing an attractive robe of brown and white, over which is a brown wrap over one shoulder. He wears a jewel in his curly blond hair. His ornate gold wings and halo add to the effect of high standing in the world -- or the Next World, in his case. He must be of high rank.

He holds a sword upright and pointed slightly to the right in his right hand. It pierces a small gold crown that hangs near its hilt. Maybe this implies that his power is greater than that of kings. In his left hand he holds a green, leafy plant -- perhaps implying the opportunity for new growth. A butterfly approaches from his left side. It looks to me as though it is bringing the angel a message -- he might be his spy.

Behind the angel is a partly cloudy sky.

He makes quite an impression. I think of the avenging angel. With his sword he brings a new opportunity for clear thinking -- no emotional baggage to cloud the issue when he's around. If there is any nonsense going down, this angel will know all about it and clean things right up.
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