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Top home remedies

Several things to help with colds, stuffed, painful sinuses, and that.

1) As others have mentioned, ginger tea helps to shorten the life of a cold. My granddaughter swears by it, and I drink it, although I don't much like it.

2) If I take goldenseal soon enough, it stops a cold dead in its tracks.

3) Echanacea has gotten a bad rap in the popular press. Recent research indicates that it does shorten the length of a cold.

4) For stuffed, painful sinuses, we put a pan of water on the stove and add a few drops of mint or eucalyptus. Then we stand over it and breathe the steam for 3 1/2 minutes about three times a day. It clears it right up. If, however, the infection's been around for a while, it may take two or three days to begin to give relief. Then it clears right up.

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