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An strange animal
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One of the first thing I saw with this knave is his tongue. Makes me feel he is disgusted with something (maybe disgusted with an attitude?, an way of thinking?, but something to do with the mental).

Also, the way he is positionned. Makes me think he is ready to leap ahead on somebody, as he would be a hunter waiting for his prey to pass by. The way he is holding the skull makes me feel that the gargoyle is possessive of that said skull. Maybe the gargoyle may using the skull as an way to inflict wound (not a pretty effective one but my imagination is running wild right now, lol!).

And the wand the gargoyle is holding! It's seems pretty long because we don't see how long it is. Maybe he is using the wand as an Venitian boatman pushing his boat? Or using it to leap like the one in track and field competition?

I feel this kanve is ready to go into action, just waiting for the right moment to make his move. Maybe he isn't disgusted but impatient to go into action...
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