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Arrow Hanson Roberts - 8 of Cups

Here's another card of the day for all us HR studiers. I randomly drew 8 of Cups, which happens to be one of my favorites in this deck.

Here is a pilgrim making a night journey into his own feelings. In the Middle Ages and Rennaissance, pilgrims to the holy land carried staffs with seashells or palms on the top. They were often called "palmers." Many people interpret this card more negatively (Crowley--"Indolence"). But it's similar to the Moon card: just because in involves the subconscious doesn't mean all is dark and ugly. O.k., well maybe dark, but not ugly. Using my own person keyword for 8s, "energy," it means "putting energy into exploring your feelings." Or more kabbalah-based interpretation of 8s, "thoughts/mind," it means "mindfulness of the feelings." What do you think?
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