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Originally Posted by WalesWoman
From everything I had ever heard of the Green Knight, I sort of think of the Green Man, a magical being
Yes that was exactly my reaction when I looked at this card. This Green Knight seems an essentially benign figure, although imposing in his size and obvious power. His "challenge" to Gawain I see as an invitation to learn a deeper way of knowing and being; risking death and losing one's head could also be seen as letting go of the ego or an old, outworn way of being.

There is the sense of being overwhelmed and out of one's depth with this card, which relates to the RWS interpretation of the 10 of Wands, but here, it's much more positive. Gawain IS out of his depth, and he has leapt to the challenge without any reflection or thought (bless him - I just love Gawain! ), but the teachings he receives from the Green Knight involve the getting of wisdom rather than just being overburdened and exhausted.

You might say that he "loses his head" by volunteering for the challenge, but ends up with an older, wiser head on his shoulders by surviving the period of his "testing".
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