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Originally Posted by brenmck
I think it has to be grace - an item not discussed much in Buddhism, and that is a great sticking point for me......
I have also had the experience of visitations by deceased animals (one actually played a very clever practical joke) - sentient beings who are nothing else but love. It was a great honor. Grace?
Grace is something I see here also. It feels very much like the freedom found in my existence is the result of grace....Divine mercy....unmerited by me; but given freely out of the Divine's love. This is very unlike what we are told all too often in the "World"; especially as we seek spiritual understanding. More than not, we are told we have to "do" something to realize such great freedom in the is a message that all we have to "do" is just be! Our freedom is a gift from the Creator...given out of great love; IMHO. Acceptance of LOVE is perhaps the biggest action step needed to receive the Freedom and PEACE waiting for us; as we learn the beauty of EXISTENCE.

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