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Originally Posted by Rabbit
When my cats were dying I pulled this card twice, two different ocassions. Once in February (cancer), and then again in June (kidney failure). It wasn't until I pulled this card the second time for my second cat, that it came to me that this card meant they were ok. They were ok with what was happening, they were going to be at peace, without pain. I do not really know how to explain it. I just knew they were ok, although I knew I would be grieving and miss them dearly.
(((Rabbit))) I am glad you see that your cats are at peace. I have 5 of my own cats, so I know how deep the love goes for these beautiful spirits. I'm sorry for your loss....but thankful that you are finding comfort.

Originally Posted by Judith D
I have been trying to correlate the images here with the more traditional majors. Existence would be as the Magician, but I see our figure more as being one with all, rather than having or exercising power over all. But the power of the mind is common to both.
I find this a peacefull, calming card, wonderful to use for meditation, or just losing yourself in the image for a brief rest for your mind.
These cards don't correlate so well to the traditional least not this one, for sure. I like your comments, and brenmck's comments also...they ring true. There is no EGO manipulaiton here....just a state of being.

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