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Originally Posted by Bean Feasa
Well if you had asked me as a Tarot of Prague trivia question which card has an elephant on it, I wouldn't have been able to answer. I read Jewel-ry's post here at work where I don't have a deck - so couldn't wait to get home to see that elephant, and sure enough, here it is. A lesson to me in how we can think we're looking carefully, but maybe we're just not seeing.
The elephant gives a very exotic feel to Justice - maybe an Eastern atmosphere as in the Fool card? It's a rather endearing depiction - Justice is usually quite stiff and stern, but here her scales have gone slightly awry - perhaps because she's standing on the elephant's back, and needs to concentrate on keeping her own balance. The figure seems dynamic, fluid, flexible. This card doesn't have the same - coming-to-getcha feel (oh, my guilty conscience! ) as some Justice cards, and I like that. It seems to speak more of how it's difficult for all of us to get the karmic balance right in life, and we can slip but we can clamber back up on the elephant and sort ourselves out just the same.

This Justice card was not my favorite, though I do love the elephant. What you say about her having to keep her balance, though, is helping me see the card differently -- yes, how difficult it is to keep balance, how difficult to seek Justice, or accept it, most of the time.

The bright colors were also a little strange for me, but they do echo the Eastern theme of the Fool and the Empress -- which would make sense with the Elephant. Since the Phoenix is a symbol of Justice in Japan, red as a color of courage would make sense.

I keep thinking of the Feng Shui principles, where you keep the Phoenix in front of you where it can fly, and back yourself up with the Turtle, maybe in this case, the elephant.
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