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The thread is interesting and will keep me busy looking at things.
I did find 2 pc games called '3 cards to midnight' the second one is a similar title and there is a follow up there are tarot cards within the game but I dont know if you can actually buy those decks. They are quite nice cards. The back of cards I noticed are The Cosmic Tarot, I only know because I have this deck which is a new find for me! I love them but the front of the decks no idea what they are.
I'll read over the thread now

off topic !!!

I will have to get back to the thread in a few days time I am dealing with a loss at the moment. I just had my Familiar my Cat put down a few hours ago. She had been sitting with me the night before rubbing her face on my tarot cards. she seemed to like the Bohemian animals tarot. I put my flourite near her which I use for backpain and bought her some jade I have kept the stones and they will sit on my wiccan altar. I am pretty sure I will get another cat in time because they are so important to me. she liked sitting by my laptop while I was posting on here and pushing nose and tail into my face for attention.Mrs Bossy paws as I called her. I had sketched her recently and was going to include her in my final tarot deck. I am sure I will add her to it now. I have had many losses in recent years and all too close together as, soon as I have stopped grieving another loss has occurred. since this is a tarot forum I will head back to topic. please let me grieve for now. Thanks so much for your posts here. I will of course respond as its keeping me extra busy which is exactly what I need to be.
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