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Originally Posted by Darkmage View Post
There was also an old NES game called Taboo. It was published by Rare waaay back in 1988. You can find it as a ROM for an emulator easily enough. I actually have the cartridge itself. It's not bad, you enter your question and it generates a ten card Celtic Cross reading with your 'lucky numbers' at the end. Some of the images used for the cards came from the Thoth deck, others are original. It's an interesting toy, if nothing else, esp. since it comes from the days before automated online readings became common.
That is exactly the "game" I came to this thread to mention. It feels a bit clunky and slow to me, although it is for the NES. Did you get it back then, or more recently? I haven't seen what the usual asking price is, but I might want to add it to my collection.
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