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Originally Posted by Laura Borealis View Post
What about that one Dragon Age game? I don't play DA so I don't know how they incorporated the cards into gameplay. But the art I saw was really good.

Here is a gallery.
Dragon Age Inquisition. The cards don't, from what I remember, actually feature in game play as a divinatory thing or a cardgame (at least, not in the bits I've played through/seen my kid play) but the images are used at various points, e.g. it's a party-based RPG at heart, so there's a party selection screen where you pick which of your companions to bring with you, and the pictures that represent each character are their pictures as seen on the tarot card(s) they feature on - from what I remember, at various points in a given companion's story, their picture may change to a different card. I haven't looked into it too much, but from what I've seen they chose good cards for the characters I'm familiar with.

The deck itself, from what I've heard, is supposed to actually be pretty decent for what amounts to shiny pretty loot from a pre-order, intended to be a nice souvenir rather than an actual working deck, for most people. (There's also a couple of tie-in playing card decks which are available much more cheaply, I've been toying with the idea of getting one for cartomancy type things.)
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