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Fascinating reading posts. ID reply to everyones IDs but I'll reply to all.
I loved bustsa move but didn't try that version, now I'm interested in it. Ive tried none of the games mentioned except street fighter, assassins creed played them all brilliant fun. There was a game on GameCube you threw playing cards Disney characters were in it.
I'm not familiar with JP games of such other then JP pshome mentioning the new games.except final fantasy imports and a few rpgs so long ago I barely remember the games.
3 cards to midnight I'm playing on PC has tarot detective puzzles in it. Sound HTC give kismet looks fun, saw video if it. Headsets pricey but to be expected. My dishonored deck is OK.
Emulator I need one .. as there a Nintendo DS tarot game persona q. Never bought it but seen it. Lets tarot must be same as snes.
ID like a final fantasy deck. Or maybe castlevania. My quest has begun. Now I want games with tarot themes and decks to hold too. Pay rise needed.
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