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The first time I saw this card, it gave me a spook.

I remember thinking, in tandem with the traditional 8 wands meaning, "Man if that thing's coming after me that fast, I am RUNNING~!"

So perhaps, the need to stand one's ground will also be a message that crops up around this card when I read, eh?

The tilt of the archways created the visual illusion of real vertigo the first time I saw it - now, it still works a little bit. So feeling off-balance, or taken off guard by the swiftness of the changes around you, those concepts would apply for my own readings in this card.

She's reaching for you, though. To me, it looks like that raised hand is ready to come down in a VERY icy cold grip on one's shoulder. Hmmm, does this suggest a sudden stop, if the current events ever "Catch up" to normal?
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