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0 - The Fool

The first thing we see is a cloaked man standing in an archway in front of what appearns to be an old medieval looking manor with a tower. At the bottom of the card is a green mist that gives the feeling that it's poisonous by the three skulls, each on different steps, laying in it. There is also green mist around the man as well as the manor. At the left edge there is a dead tree in front of the crumbling wall of the archway. On either side of the archway are ghastly looking "Green Man" guardians heads with mouths wide open, as if woeing. Immediately to the left (his right) of the cloaked man, is a black wolf with glowing red eyes, looking right at us and coming from behind him and with its right paw stepping to the side in front of him. On top of the archway are three ravens (they seem too large to be crows) with red eyes; the left one is cawing, and the center one is cawing too but with its wings open. The crow on the right is merely perched to the side of the archway with its wings tucked. The man's cloak is black and is draped down the stairs in front of the archway leading into the mist, as if he has just walked up them. His face is his only visible flesh and it's pale white with darkened eyes. He appears to be frowning. At the bottom of his cloak we see no feet, though it looks like from the tatter we should; perhaps he's floating there, or perhaps his feet are just together, standing sturdy in place, not about to move either forward into the mist or back towards the manor. The sky above the archway is pure black.

What I get from this card is that the man is a recently deceased soul, wanting to go back to the world of the living. The world of the dead is where he belongs, but he's not ready for that path. He desires to go back home. The wolf, who seems to be either his familiar or his guide, is blocking his path to the manor and pointing staring into the world of the dead. It's telling him that that's where he belongs. The world of the living is no place for a dead soul. Only misery await him if he chooses to haunt there as he is. The wolf seems to be staring at us, maybe conveying that we are the fool, the lost soul, stuck between where we want to be and where we currently belong. The two Green Man guardians seems to be warning that the path beyond back to the manor is not one to be desired. The three ravens to me represent the passages of time: past, always cawing at us, ever in our thoughts; the present, our current actions and ideals, and the future, silent and still, mysterious and giving no hints as to what it has in store for us. The steps leading down into the underworld, the world of the dead, show that we are at the start of our journey, we have recently just begun or will begin a new chapter in our lives. The dead tree shows us that life used to be here, but it has run its course and now it is our turn to face the same rite. This is a journey taken before, by other long forgot with only shallow remains left. It seems like a few others have been on the same path we our now embarking, but they have been stopped short in their journey, a warning that if we linger too long we might share the same fate. This deck takes the journey through death, but really it could represent any journey that we may take. We are often hesitant to start change, to take the first steps into the unknown, scared of what lies beyond, but the archway is crumbling, our opportunity won't won't be there forever, and if we wait too long, we'll suffer the same fate as those before us, who never even came close to making it to the end of their journeys. And while what lies behind us seems appealing, it's what we know, what we desire, we have to move on and accept change.
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