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The Fool

There is a stone arch entrance to a village, with a wall that is crumbling leading away on both sides. Three ravens can be seen perched upon the top of the arch. On either side of the arch-stones a façade of the Green Man can be seen. Stairs lead up to the arch rising out from the fog. A disembodied spirit floats across the stairs, and his wolf companion seems to be walking along beside him. There are a number of skulls scattered on the different stairs. A dead tree seems to have grown up on the embankment right next to the stairs, and the roots have invaded both the base of the wall and part of the stairway. The whole scene in this card is tinted in an eerie green mist. The eyes of all the living creatures in this card are glowing red.

What I see when I look at this card is an entrance to the town that has been neglected for a very long time. A large and deadly battle occurred here many years ago, and the cost in lives was extensive. Although the town was victorious in the defense of their homes, the invaders succeeded in killing and cursing the intrepid hero of the town. It is his ghost that now haunts this egress. The battleground is now his haunt, and evil permeates the land here. He was young and powerful, and held a high standing in the eyes and hearts of this community. His bravery and self sacrifice are legendary now, inspiring the youth and puffing up the elder’s chests with pride. The haunted gate is avoided by the people now. They say those who have seen his ghost grow sick with heartbreak and melancholy.
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