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Found this and thought it would be nice to put up so others could see and look at:

I have this set and think it is wonderful. I just got it a few days ago and have been studying it. To me I find that the Ravens and Wolf always are together and both bring messages. As you see the one Raven is flaping his wings and is talking thus trying to convey a message. However, in this card I see the wolf as a gaurdian, seeing that the wolfs paw is already in motion to move out of the archway it appears as the wolf is telling the person to move ahead. Stop staying stagnet or standing in one place. It is time to venture out.

To me, I see the skulls as letting go of some past issues or ancestors that are watching over you.

Did anyone notice the wolf on the left hand side in the smoke just sitting there?

Reversed: Chaos is coming up and the wanting to return to a simpler time or one that is more comfortable to you seems to appeal. And yet, you have to pass the wolf to get through the door. It is not always easy going backwards.
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