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Questions, questions

Mismatched earrings, baubles in her headgear, pomegranates and palms. What does it all mean? The High Priestess knows but she isn't telling, is she?

Wait a second though. For just a moment I thought I saw the slightest smile in her pursed lips. I got the idea that she would really rather share her knowledge than keep it secret, but she has to be very careful about what she says and who hears it. If caught sharing what she knows, she could be punished, maybe burned at the stake. That high stiff collar is like a gag order. There on her throat are a couple of arrows pointing down, pointing down at the scroll. The scroll that says TARO not TORA like the RWS. Also compared to the RWS she has turned the scroll around to face us, so that we may read it, and she is holding it with her right hand vs. left.
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