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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
Your Venus and your business re-launch is Saturn.

Your in your detriment, but also in your face by chaldean planetry influence and also posited in the 9th duodenary ruled by jupiter. The moon flows towards jupiter and jupiters in your 6th.

Jupiter being about expansion and big things etc, being in your 6th would be showing you the daily tasks you have to complete in order to get this re-launch up and running, or do you feel like this is a big thing for you, are you working alone, do you have any help ?
Yes this is something that I run on my own. Basically as of late all I've been doing is trying to get things in better order, going through my inventory, re-reorganizing and re-ordering things that I need to! I don't know if it's a big thing per se so much as it just helping me feel a lot more at ease. The whole process is focused on simplifying and streamlining the store and selling process.

The moons next conjunction is with the northnode, this is a + testimony.

The moon flows towards saturn and saturn flows towards the moon = + testimony.

Saturn is posited in its turned 10th house, in its face, and posited in the 10th duodenary, this is ruled by mercury. Mercury is on the Asc, mercury rules the 2nd and 6th, so this is money that's an issue here, but mercury's moving towards its ruler sign so you could get the finances that you need, but then mercury's in the detriment of jupiter, so could it be that you've loaned some ?
I re-counted and I found it still placed in it's turned eleventh, even when using whole sign. Could you clarify how you found it in it's tenth?

There's been no loaning or anything. A lot of why I started slowing down my marketing for it was because I had other projects and events that needed to be completed that impact the inventory. Now that they're cleared away, there's a good amount of profit that I haven't had before. Usually I have to pay directly out of pocket to cover any inventory being added but since I finally have profit, I've been able to use that to start rebuilding. It's very limited items that I've added so nothing that could and would be a worry.

This means that there is work to do, but you know that you need to up your step in order to get things back on track again, you need to be willing and also understanding that its going to be hardwork in achieving this, i don't see things being so easy.
Yeah, I've already pushed it back a month because of how much work I need to do. I'm still waiting on the new items to come in, still have to rephotograph everything (which has been especially hard since I favor using natural light and it's been really rainy and cloudy almost all week) and re-upload all of my inventory to the new site. It's three things on my list but they're still three things that are time consuming

Part of success falls at Aries 8, 9" which is the 3rd from the 10th significator being Mars. The Moon flows away from the POS and the significator Mars, this is a - testimony.

Moon also flows away from the POF which is another - testimony.

So even though you will actually do the re-launch, it just doesn't look very positive for it being very profitable from this re-launch. Its going to take a lot more work.
Thank you for this! I'm not likely to stick to a launch date until all the work is done, just because when I opened it, it was slightly rushed and unorganized, done a bit out of desperation than anything. I'll definitely be sure to take my time and make sure everything is in full order to make sure I'm really getting the most out of it.
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