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21 Ways - Step Six

Step Six, Whispering Tarot, The Emperor

6.1 a) Keywords that best express the qualities of each suit in my deck:

Wands/Fire: desire; creativity; daring
Cups/Water: imagination; receptivity; an emotional reaction to and nurturance of an idea
Swords/Air: feeling overwhelmed; will; strategy
Pentacles/Earth: security; self-worth; centeredness

6.1 b) Which suit/element keywords best describe the qualities of your chosen card?

Of the keywords I have chosen, my first instinct is to go with two of those for Swords/Air: will and strategy. The Emperor is in charge of a large area and needs to coordinate the kingdoms within it according to the best plan he can devise.

But remembering my fairy-tale, I need to lighten up and also suggest the keywords I chose for Wands/Fire: desire, creativity, and daring. The goat in my Emperor card tells me that there is another way to achieve desire besides application of will: use of creativity to find new solutions or action plans and to be daring enough to give them a try.

6.2 a) Keywords for the four modes:

Court Cards/ Who?: a person; a style of acting or attitude; a way of relating to others
Number Cards/ What?: life events; actions; what is going on
Aces/ Where?: the element, realm, or sphere
M.A./ How?: the cause; a lesson to be learned

6.2 b) My chosen card is the Emperor; it is from the Major Arcana, the "Why?" cards. In a reading, M.A. will show answers to the cause of a situation and/or the lesson to be learned.

In a reading the Emperor may suggest that the situation is caused by a need to take, share, or delegate responsibility, or for the need of a creative and daring approach to a problem. Or, it may suggest that one of these are the lesson to be learned -- *how to* take responsibility or find new creative ways to take action or *the willingness or ability* to do the same.
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