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21 Ways: Step 3

Cosmic Tarot: The Sun

Initial Feelings: Peace, Cheer, Balance, Centeredness, Comfort, Safety, Expansiveness

3-1 A big, brightly shining sun and smiling child stand front and center of this card suggesting a centeredness and inner knowing not unlike that of an innocent child who still trusts that the universe is going to take care of her. She is partially hidden behind some bushes, tucked safely in the protection of mother earth. Although expansiveness lies outside the current field of perception in the form of a lake, hills and meadow, it is being offered nonetheless. Tree branches on either side suggest two possible outcomes to the given situation. One is stagnation and the other offers growth potential and prosperity unmatched by the other.

3-2 There is great happiness, expansive, thriving possibility open to me if I can venture beyond the perceived safety of my comfort zone. I can choose to go one of two ways. I can choose to remain in the known and take the path that offers nothing in the way of growth, prosperity or future opportunity or I can push past uncertainty and doubt in favor of a path that offers growth and potential beyond what I currently know.

3-3 I currently work an 8 to 5 corporate job that I literally feel is sucking the life out of me. There are quite a few changes taking place and I watch as others leave to pursue their dreams or simply enjoy life. I am like the bird perched on the stagnating branch watching as the other birds spread their wings and fly away. Within about a 2 week time frame a professional tarot card reading class opened up at a local metaphysical shop I frequent and I also decided to get certified as a clinical aromatherapist. My plan is in place I know what to do but doubts have begun to creep in like the plant in the card that looks like it's being eaten away. I've been asking if the uncertainty of this unconventional path is the right one for me. These two activities blend so well together and the thought of being able to earn a living with them sounds like heaven to me! This could be represented by the night sky outside the arched daylight scene. Anything that makes me feel this positive must be a sign that I'm on the right path. The clarity of wisdom in the sun card is both chilling and amazing.
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