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1 - He has some rings on a belt tied around his waist. Seems that he lost the keys - or hasn't found them yet.
- Were the keys important to the fey?
- If the keys are gone, why doesn't he just remove the rings?
- Is the Fey looking hard for the lost keys?

2 - circus fey is preforming his juggling act
- Why didn't he choose the highwire act instead?
- When will he be ready to juggle a second sword?
- Is his insurance premium paid up for doing such an act?

3 - His sword is floating but seems to be under his control. Which shows that he is quit skilled not only physically but also mentally!
- The sword is under control, but what will it be used for?
- How hard was it to train for this?
- Why a sword and not a gun?
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