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I'd love to see how LUST looked blown up. I think it's probably one of the best ones to do in the large size.

But you should know that frames with glass do require some kind of frame to strengthen them, because even the slightest twist will break them. It's quite possible the method Slough Sister describes would work for smaller prints, but I'd be very wary of trying it with anything over about 30 cm. I have had lots of pieces of glass break on me, even in frames.

There is another process people use for prints called Face Mounting in which the print is fused to a piece of perspex and then hung with discreet metal thingies. It gives you the totally see through minimal look but it's not a budget option and there are only one or two people in Queensland who do it. I can find out who they are if you are interested in that idea. Perspex has issues as well with reflectivity and durability. If you hang it anywhere near light from windows it will act like a mirror. And also it scratches very easily.

If it was my print I'd go for traditional framing behind glass. It seems to be very important with this type of print that the mat border on the frame creates a gap between the print and the glass, because if they touch it can damage the print. If you do decide to go for an option that doesn't need a mat border, let me know and then I will have it printed right to the edges. For normal framing it's better to have a small white edge which tucks under the mat border.

I'm no framing expert though (I only frame originals in old frames I get in second hand stores) so it's quite possible if you look around you will find other options. The quality of the framing does seem to make a huge difference to the durability of the print so it's wise to specify that you are framing Gicleť.
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