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I spent some time with my local framer this morning, she was very helpful and I now have half a plan. Some questions if you don't mind?

I'm debating between getting LUST in the two sizes. I think I'll have to go for the medium size to fit where I'd like to put it, but am keeping my options open until sure as I like the idea of getting the biggest
A2 (approx 610 X 467mm)
A1 (approx 841 X 594mm)

The framer suggests I ask the following. Are those sizes the paper size, or the size of the image? She recommends I have around a 5cm "self border", and could then go into a frame with a spacer and no need for the insert then as the spacer keeps it off the glass (unless I want one). Do you sign and number the image, or on the self border around it? Is the self border unprinted paper, or is it colored?

Thanks heaps!
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